My name is Jeff Tiefenthaler, the creator of TachusChord. I am a full time day-trader, technology consultant, husband and father to twins.

TachusChord is a place where you will find up-to-date trade ideas to help you navigate the market and perhaps boost your in income in the short-term.  The reason I started this site is to share my trade ideas with anyone who is interested in trading US equities. Although I have long term investments my core focus is making money in the short-term. Most of my trades are open and closed in a day or week.

My trading style mimics my blog style, short and brief. My posts won’t include five page narratives with fundamental analysis or macro level information. I believe this is the best approach as research shows (unfortunately) that most people don’t take the time to read more than a paragraph before moving onto something else.  I do not in any way mean to diminish the usefulness of fundamental analysis. In my view, the best trade are those where the technicals, fundamentals and market tone converge to create a high probability trade setup.



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